MPA — Eden Prairie


MPA — Eden Prairie
Saturday, March 12, 2022, 6:00 PM
Eden Prairie High School - Eden Prairie, MN
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Spectator information


  • Adults (age 18 and older): $12

  • Kids (age 17 and younger): $6

Cards and cash will be accepted.

To buy a ticket online:

Doors open one hour before the event.


mask required

Masks are highly recommended at this facility.

Click here for the schedule.

Live stream:

We are offering a virtual live stream option for each regular-season MPA show this year. We will do our best to have the live stream up and running, but because different show venues might have Wi-Fi and other limitations, the live stream might go down once in a while. If that happens, please refresh our YouTube page and try again. 

Because we cannot guarantee the live stream for each regular-season show will always be up, we are making it free. But we are accepting and encouraging donations. All donations will go to that show's host group and MPA. 

Thank you for considering donating for this service and helping the show host and MPA!

 You will not be able to watch a video of the live stream after the end of the show. It will be live only.

Director information

See the schedule linked above. 

Click here for the outdoor map.

Click here for the info sheet.

The indoor map will be included in groups' welcome packets but cannot be posted online.



  • Music: Mike Ferry
  • Effect music: Craig Myers
  • Visual: Justin Mons
  • Effect visual: Joey Babay
  • Music analysis: Craig Myers
  • Visual analysis: Joey Babay
  • Overall effect: Justin Mons

Overall commentary: Matt Ferry

Timing and penalties: Bob Johnson

Tabulator: Mike Neimeyer

Show coordinator: Matt Ferry, Dan Frankenfeld


Eden Prairie High School


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