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Grove Area Percussion of ISD 279

Osseo, MN

Percussion Scholastic Regional A class


Michael Brown 

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The Cursed Agreement

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Michael Brown, Jack Donovan, Scott Wochnick, Rachel Graack, Peter Eklund, Paul Terry, Kevin Piexoto, Anna Villalon, Miranda Hanson, Anna Olson


Sometimes we make agreements before we truly understand what we are agreeing to.Sometimes those agreements bring dire consequences to our lives.
And sometimes...we are able to tear apart those agreements and live free once more.

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2021 events:

Event Title Start Date
MPA Virtual Show 1 02/27/21
MPA Virtual Show 2 03/13/21
MPA Virtual Show 3 03/27/21
MPA Prelims 04/10/21
MPA Championships 04/24/21


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