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Dassel-Cokato High School

Cokato, MN

Percussion Scholastic A class


Carlos Mendiola 

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...  DCHS Indoor


Anson Hanna, Erin Schunk, Sam Kallevig, Taylor Hayford


7 billion people in the world and you feel totally alone. What does it feel like to be an OUTCAST? There are many stages of feeling this way.

First: Feeling completely alone. Inequities start to lend itself to anxieties. Crippling even.

Second: Conforming. You change yourself to fit in. Although you experience acceptance you still do not feel like yourself. Putting on the mask to appease the masses all while you dislike what you have become.

Third: Hitting rock bottom. “I don’t belong here.” the only way to get out of this is to really accept who you are.

Celebrate your differences and realize everyone is trying to find their place in this world. Love who you are, be different. Be an OUTCAST

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We would like to thank the DC Administration, Activities Department, Parents, and Community for the continued support of DC Drumline.

2023 events:

Event Title Start Date
MPA — Rogers 02/11/23
MPA — Dassel-Cokato 02/25/23
MPA — Brandon Valley 03/11/23
MPA Prelims 03/25/23
MPA Championships 04/01/23


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