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Quad City Percussion

Foley, MN

Percussion Independent A class


Justin Gapinski, Deion Kieley 

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Deion Kieley, David Palermo, Kaitlin Palermo, Chanuda Herath, Sylvia Kaare, Emma Arnold, Eric Dunnigan, Madison Holmberg, Michael Trigg, Kylie Ross, Gabe Grasse


We use our hands everyday without even thinking about. In our program we explore the difference uses of hands and how they can create sounds.

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2020 events:

Event Title Start Date
MPA — Irondale, Presented by KHS America 02/08/20
MPA — Foley 02/29/20
MPA — Eden Prairie 03/07/20
MPA Prelims 03/28/20
MPA Championships, Presented by Creative Costuming & Designs 04/04/20


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